Thursday, July 9, 2009

Easy Mac, MacBook, and Bernie Mac

So, I'm here in Washington D.C. visiting my girlfriend, Rebekah, and my brother, Jason.  I drove up from Florida a few days ago and its been nice seeing both of them, especially Rebekah.  She has been at an internship in a PR department the whole summer so its nice to skip the Skype and actually see her in person for a while.  Today I met her at her office for some lunch.  That's where the Easy Mac comes in to play.  Guess what I ate.. you guessed it Easy Mac.  I forgot how good the thick, yellow, chalky cheese tastes once its melted and mixed in with overcooked mini shells. Damn good I tell you!  Ever wonder whats in that shit?  I can only imagine the long list of unpronounceable words of so called "edible" chemicals that form that radioactive stuff.  

Anyways, lunch was nice.  We sat in some park, ate our food, and watched some chick walk around a reflecting pond at least ten times while she talked on her cell phone in one hand and carried a note pad and a few pages of a newspaper in the other.  WTF was she doing?  The whole time I was kind of wishing she would break off a heal or trip or something that would make her run off so I wouldn't have to stare at that car crash anymore.

Back at my brothers house I started to do a little work on the blog.  Templates, fonts, colors, pictures... all the crap that makes it 'pretty.'  Ill be the first to tell you, Im not very fond of changing something that works.  Im a very practical person and when Apple first came out with the MacBooks and iPods and all of that stuff I thought they were all pieces of shit that would combust a day after the warranty expired, as do most things made in todays world.  I never thought they would be better then my desktop Dell from 1998!  That thing was a tank... it was also the same speed!  My roommate has a MacBook and I use his quite often to Skype as my 'tank' has no web cam.  So now that Im familiar with Macs I must say I believe they are far superior to any other laptops or desktops I have used.  Here comes my issue.  What in God's name where the nerdy little engineers thinking when they didn't put in any form of 'right click?'  You cant save anything normally.  No copy/paste.  I was trying to add pictures to the blog for a damn hour and didn't get anywhere!  So I gave up and stayed with the generic template.  

Bernie Mac, cardiac arrest, dead.  Unlike Michael Jackson, at least he died a proud black man.  I guess his TV show is in syndication now and I was watching some of it while I wrote here a little earlier.  Poor guy.  I liked him.  Very funny stand up and his show had some good humor in it.  I loved him in the Ocean's movies, no better scene than the one where he is buying the cargo vans, scares the shit out of that car sales man!  I dream of buying a car like that one day.  I find this kind of funny cause I know no one is reading this blog, at least yet, but Im still writing aimlessly.  Its like they say, 'its okay if you talk to yourself, just don't answer!'



I agree, WTF Mac? Where is the right click?


Hold down control and click :) It is the "right click" for macbooks!

The Reverend

Hahaha, Oh the answer to life's mysteries are revealed in my blog! Thanks so much, d.a.r! You have made me on happy camper!


No prob! I only owned my macbook for 4 months before figuring that one out.....they take some getting used to but they really are way better than PCs.