Friday, July 10, 2009

The get up and go kid

Driving down M St. this morning at 6:30am... made me feel lazy and pathetic. Wow.  So many people, from the athletic college student to the old lady whose arthritic knees the size of a linebackers shoulders, were out running the sidewalks.  Me? I was eating a whole pizza and downed a bottle of Heineken last night.  Heineken Light mind you.  So I think I'm going to join them and feel just a little better about myself today.  Although, I'm sure my single morning jog will do nothing for my growing Buddha belly, it will start my day down a positive path.  

I wonder if anyone else does this... Every time I go for a run on a sidewalk I find myself counting my strides in unison with the cracks.  Talk about some form of OCD.  1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4...  Maybe, just maybe, Ill be one to make a difference in someones morning as they see me out for a nice AM jog.  I just hope they see me as an athletic college student rather than throw me in the arthritic old bat category.  Only one way to find out!



i have OCD in walking cus i try to step on the black circles on the pavement and count them. hahaha! nice introduction right? hi caitlins bf :)


Well since I really like your gf's blog I figure I will probably like yours as well. Plus I need to start reading some more blogs written by dudes.


Let me start by saying Welcome to the blogging world. I had to come check you out when your friend talked to highly of your writing! I must say... she was right. Looks forward to reading more!


Hope you have a good run and that those cracks come in convenient intervals. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Little M

hey there!i came over from caitlin's blog. Welcome to the blogging world :)
it's always nice to meet a fellow mediocre runner haha :P
lookin forward to read more


I like your blog and your girlfriend is super sweet. Anyone out there running impresses me anyway b/c you're not going to see me out there with my running shoes on! Have fun with your blog. I can't believe you have 12 followers in such a short time!


Hello! Welcome to bloggy land. I came over here from your darling girlfriend's blog - she's a keeper! :) When I run I am busy concentrating on the music that I don't usually notice the cracks, but they are annoying when I have to leap over them constantly!


Running is never fun in and of itself. I always try to focus on something else. However, I have yet to start counting cracks! Maybe that's next?

Miss Eve

Morning jogging is the best thing in the world (at leats after you done with it LOL). Keep up the good work :-)

Elizabeth Marie

I am like that too with the counting...I must have some kind of OCD haha.

WELCOME to bloggyland! Your girlfriend is freaking adorable! :)

Brown Girl

I try and find something to focus on while I run, sometimes it happens to be the persons butt in front of me! works though! ;)


I still have pizza/beer days. An every now and again necessity if you ask me. Now if I can just start running again. The kid's one now, it could happen any day now. Ha. Welcome to the blogosphere. Your little intern buddy sent me your way.