Thursday, July 16, 2009

He's back!

Hello all! Sorry again for the delay... I'm sure you all couldn't wait to get back and read more of my nonsense! So where do I start? I was in D.C. for about a week and a half visiting my wonderful and amazing girlfriend. Awesome. We had such a good time. My brother lives in Georgetown so we def made use of the great stores on M St. and did a little window shopping but even better eating! We had dinner at this place called Martin's Tavern. They were having there 75th Anniversary and had their menu set at 1934 prices! We ate a huge meal for like $11! We also ate at this really cool sushi lounge at the corner of K St. and Wisconsin, also very good. Even better than the food was the company. My little intern, I think 99% of you know who Im talking about, is the most amazing person I have ever met. I love spending every waking, and sleeping, moment I have with her and I cant wait for her to come home to me!!!

While I was in D.C. I had an interview/lunch with the president of an exporting company my sister-in-law works for. Its like the ultimate guys job, selling weapons and cool gadgets! I also had an interview with a school here in St. Augustine, its the largest phys therapy and occupational therapy school in the country. I would be a recruiter for their masters and Ph.D. programs and do lots of traveling around the country. Both of the interviews went really well, so wish me luck!

Also in D.C. I met two of my great friends and fellow History majors, Merritt and Mallory, for some fun drinking and games. Rebekah and I joined them at this place called the H St. Country Club. Cool place. Indoor putt-putt, skee-ball, pool... it was like Chuck-E-Cheese for grown ups. Full bar too! After that we went down to Chinatown for some Mexican food... imagine that. It all tastes like chicken.

So Im back here in St. Augustine and starting to get back to work at one of my many jobs. Its hot as hell here. But im keeping up with the running and getting back on the bike. I had a nice short ride today to make sure the legs were feeling alright. Tomorrow will be different. Going to do a bit longer, maybe 30 or 40 miles. There are a few races coming up that Ill try and register for, should be fun! Anyways...

Anybody used to watch the Inspector Gadget cartoon as a kid? Well has ALL of them on! The first episode aired in 1983! Damn Im getting old. Highly recommend going ad watching a few of 'em, very nostalgic! Well Family Guy is on and the Tour de France replay after that. Im going to retire for the night and be a bed potato till the morning time. Hope everyone had a great weekend and Ill talk to you all tomorrow.




Your gf had told us about that super cool deal at that restaurant.That's awesome. She's such a cutie. Oh, I remember inspector gadget. The hand guy freaked me out!


Sounds like u had such a fab time. Oh i remember inspector gadget. i wanted his hat really bad!haha, gud ol' times.Gud luck for your interviews.


My brother was obsessed with inspector gadget. I think I can still even sing the entire song… Wow… that is pathetic and I am getting WAY too old! HA!

Not The Rockefellers

Ahhhh..the TOUR... doesn't it always get you back on your bike for, like a week or 2?

Did you hear about riders getting shot by an air rifle during one of the stages?

Mon Dieu!

Inspector Gadget rocks...go,go gadget arms...

Peace -Rene

The Reverend

Yes yes my little Rockefeller, It does get me back on my bike, for good I hope this time!! Im entering a race Aug 11th so I gotta start training!!!! Go go Gadget legs!