Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some funnies... and the Tour

Watching the Tour de France. Over and over again. They replay each stage all throughout the day and I think I watch every stage at least 5 times. Been getting on the bike and it feels great to be riding and training again. Its rainy out, make that crazy stormy out, so I think Ill miss today but I'll def get get back on the saddle tomorrow morning. Gotta get ready for those races! Here is a pic of the bike Im thinking about getting. Its the Felt F3 SL, beautiful bike. Trying to add some more pics of random things, including me, so enjoy! Playing around a little more with the blog so Ill be adding some pics to previous posts as well if you want to take a look. Let me know if there is anything you all want me to talk about.... otherwise Im just going to blab my mouth, err fingers...

Old people. Crack me the hell up sometimes. I have been meeting with the guy from my church, for the RCIA program, and I was at his house yesterday afternoon. He's pushing 80. We were outside talking on him porch and he went back in real quick to get a book for me. He walked inside, left the door open, walked into the back room and BAM! There it was. The thing EVERY old person has in their home. What is it you ask?
Sitting in that back room was one of those old, creaky, 70's brown exercise bikes that had the handles that push and pull back and forth while you pedal. It made me think that every house I've been into that is the dwelling of a human two generations removed has some type of outdated useless piece of shit exercise equipment. I remember as a kid in my grandparents house playing around like a human wheel-barrow. They had one of those wheels with handles on it. Thats it, just a wheel... with handles on it. I thought it was just a toy to keep my occupied. Turns out its actually some crazy ab workout. Who knew? What kind of crap can you find in your "old persons" house?




my grandparents have a phone with buttons the size of ritz crackers haha


RCIA! how awesome! I want to do that too. I'm a Catholic girl.
Hmmm..what else is in old people's houses? my grandma still has an o ld tv that looks like a piece of wooden furniture. how terrible!

The Reverend

Haha, the kind thats built in to the cabinet! Haha, I love those.