Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Reverend and the Rabbi meet... can't be good

Well hello peeps. I know its been a while but I have a lot of craziness going on and just not enough down time. So I apologize that you all have not been able to read my enthralling posts on a regular basis... I know you all have been crushed. Anyways, Jacob the Jew. One of my closest friends. We were history majors together in college and I always have a good time with this guy. We have the same sense of humor and its always a laughing fest when we hang out. I ate lunch the other day with him and his gf and we were talking... "why don't I write an excerpt every week in your blog, Joe?" Haha, what a great idea! So every Wednesday Im going to post a little something that he writes me for all of your enjoyment. A little something we will call

-Kosher Food for Thought-

Here is your weekly dose of kosher food for thought… A Jewish proverb goes as such: “If God lived on earth, people would break his windows.” Excellent point ancient Jews. That being said every one of my neighbor’s windows are broken. I mean, there’s clearly tape on them holding them together… but late last night I started thinking… “Is that where God lives?” For example, I always see weird, illness stricken people walking in and out, people with glazed looks and disabilities. They grow a lot of plants over there, and seem to have some kind of lab on the lower floor. God would have a green thumb and clearly need a lab to do research. The DEA and Sheriff’s dept. are always stopping by… getting God’s help to fight crime no less. It’s clear that God lives next door… so if anyone wants to stop by and show your appreciation by throwing rocks at his window (for those of you who have missed today’s lesson that is obviously what the proverb means)… Feel free. Until next week!-Rabbi Jacobinowitz



This “Kosher Food for Thought” is brilliant! Oh man… I really look forward to hearing more!!!