Friday, July 24, 2009

Milky Way cake, Mayan cuisine and true love

Its Thursday already. Wow. Time has really flown this week! Lets see, last time I spoke with you all I was planning my life... fun fun fun. I've turned everything in I need to the police academy, huge weight off my shoulders. Now I just have to wait for there response which should only be a good one. But anyways, enough talk about life. Lest talk about Milky Way cake... my roommates brother, and one of my best friends, brought some over tonight. We all gathered around this disposable baking tin filled with a dark delicious cake. The forks come out. More and more of the tin becomes visible... hmmm. I mean mmmmmm. Damn that was good. Of course after its all gone I ask Sean where the cake cake from, did I mention he works at a hotel? Well, he responds with, "one of our guests dropped it off at the front desk for us." Shit, I hope that guest had a pleasant experience, otherwise Im sure Ill be getting either high or sick in just a few minutes! Haha

I just got a daytime job at an organic Mayan restaurant downtown. Great food. I've eaten there before. I know a lot of the workers and the owners too. Some of them used to stop by the jazz bar I used to manage and we all got along very well. Great family owned place and Im eager to start... Sunday dinner is my first shift. Working there in the day time will allow me to start night classes at the academy and still make some money. All this food talk is making me hungry. Shouldn't eat, its 1:34am. Crap. I need to sleep.

I miss my gf, 26 more days and she will be back. Im on Skype with her right now. I have to laugh at us sometimes. Im typing this blog and writing email while she is searching for some jobs here in town for while she is in school. Neither of us has said a word in the last 45 minutes. Web cam is on and everything :) I love this girl. I guess there is something about just feeling like she is here next to me. I stay on while she falls asleep some times, I think its just nice being able to hear her breathe. Damn I can't wait.