Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today, I start... and she told me so

So today been a fairly productive day. Stressful, yet still productive.

I made a copy of our mail key. My roommates and I loose it on a regular basis and this time we just got lazy. we hadn't checked the mail at our condo in so long that the mail carrier put a slip in there saying that we had moved out! Haha. Nope! Just never got around to making another key. Partly because our complex charges you $15 for them to replace the key. Little did we know that the property manager, for our unit, had a spare. So I went to the office, picked it up, and had one made for $2... that's $13 for lunch today!

After that I went to the local community college. That's where they hold the law enforcement academy for the county. I went there and submitted my application for enrollment in the night classes starting in September. I'm actually kind of excited. Still have a lot of stuff to do/turn in before I'm accepted but I think I have a good chance of getting in!! My amazing gf, who we will talk more about in a minute, said she'd find it very sexy if I was a cop... doesn't hurt the 'ole ego there! Now just need to figure out how to pay for it :/

Okay, so the amazing gf. She certainly is amazing. I've been having one of those what the hell am I going to do with my life days for.... well, pretty much as long as we've been dating! She has stayed by my side and help me so much over all of the stress of applying for different jobs and being rejected. An absolute angel, she is. And I must say, I've had some pretty good jobs. They just seem to not want what I can offer I guess. I have a college degree, I was the Asst. Director of Alumni at my alma mater (pretty big deal there!), I was the general manager for a hip downtown jazz bar after that... wtf, throw me a bone, haha! So I am taking her advice and biting the bullet. I'm just going to jump into this and ride the wave to where ever it takes me. I can do law enforcement, wildlife conservation officer, FBI, etc. Lots of options. And I can handcuff her... oh wait, Ill keep that one to myself! ;)

So today I start the journey of moving on from applying for jobs and just going to do what I've always wanted to do. Let me ask you all this... is it me or are companies quitting hiring the most qualified for the job and hiring the ones they can pay the least? I have a feeling they are all cutting corners in this bad economy and doing shit like this. Seems to me like it will all catch up to them in the end when that person hasn't done anything of real value, they have to fire them, and go through the whole hiring process all over again. Does a college degree and valid work experience have no value anymore?

Anyways, the woman of my life saves me once again. Its true, I admit it, she is always right. I definitely put up a fight sometimes but I do love her with ALL of my heart. Thanks for everything baby!




What a sweet post about your girl. No wonder she's checking out wedding gear online! Good luck with the job opportunities. I think there are just so many people who are looking for jobs that it's hard to actually land one because of the competition. I'm staying where I am!


I agree, companies are hiring the cheapest work they can find. I was laid off in March, and I JUST got a job offer last week, and it isn't for my dream job, but financially I have to take it.

Good luck with the new endeavor though!

Not The Rockefellers

Dude, sell mailbox keys for $7.50
that's where the xtra money will come from...can't tell you how many times I lost my key..so there's definitely a market for it!

Meantime, best of luck to you in your career search...and don't lose your girl :) there's no replacing her.

Peace - Rene

The Reverend

Katie, I too got laid off from being a GM at a Jazz bar downtown when it was sold. New owner wanted his "own people" so I got the boot. Its frustrating but also makes you realize, when youre broke, that the nest things in life really are free!


aw, what a sweet post about your little lady!


Thank for the comment and coming on board and following me! I love new followers! That is exactly what I wanted people to get from what I said! MARRIAGE IS IMPORTANT and worth fighting for! Sometimes it’s too late to realize what you missed out on. God is good and I’m glad that people got to see that!

When my hubby read your comment he was so blessed by the words you said. So… thank you for that! :) I’m sorry that you had to go through what you went through, but glad that God put that perfect person in your life. So awesome!